About Us


Kabushiki Kaisha Curtis Herron is a Japan-based business corporation operating from Tokyo, Japan since 1996.

We provide services to a select group of well-known companies with significant overseas operations. Each of these companies is unique in terms of vision, values, and strengths. Yet, all of these companies – when operating across nations, languages, and cultures – face difficulties in the same areas.

  • disseminating vision and values to shareholders with clarity and credibility
  • developing and motivating a diverse workforce
  • identifying and responding to risks and trends

The strategies for addressing these difficulties and applying company strengths are not complicated. The challenge, however, is to consistently apply these strategies throughout the company organization. Consistent application provides the company with competitive advantage. Inconsistent application, however, undermines performance and exposes the company to risk.

Our mission is to support companies in properly and consistently applying these strategies. We do so by developing the competencies needed at each level in the company organization. These competencies consist of

  • an awareness of the standards of global corporate conduct
  • an understanding of the various roles in the organization
  • skills in performing those roles properly and overcoming difficulties
  • confidence in performing those roles pro actively

We develop these competencies using

  • accurate explanations of global standards, risks, and trends
  • application of company-specific objectives, values, and systems
  • rigorous practice, including role plays
  • detailed reference materials, including model dialogs

We do so utilizing our diverse background of

  • international management experience (United States, Japan, and Southeast Asia)
  • legal expertise (Attorney at Law, licensed in California)
  • bilingual (English and Japanese) and multicultural competencies
  • experience and familiarity with several top international companies
  • focused research in global business and regulatory trends